Bert Baxter (May 10, 1889- May 9, 1995) is an old man who befriends Adrian Mole through the Good Samaritan program, which Adrian joins in 1981.He is often described as rude, filthy and possibly senile, shown on one occasion where he believes that a Bible printed by 1956 (a fact unknown to Bert) saved his life during the First World War. He owns a vicious Alsatian called Sabre (who is eventually knocked down by a milk float in 'Adrian Mole and the Snall Amphibians')and was briefly married to a old woman called Queenie. Adrian Mole described him as a communist, a description which is often warranted, as he is shown to often read 'The Morning Star', a communist newspaper.

Despite various health problems, Bert lived to be nearly 106 and died in a wheelchair accident.

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