The main new characters in The Prostrate Years are Hugh Fairfax-Lycett, a local landowner for whom Daisy leaves Adrian; Sally, Adrian's radiotherapy technician, whose offstage relationship with her wolf-obsessed boyfriend provide many of the rather bleak book's comical moments; and Gracie, Adrian and Daisy's wilful, rather spoilt daughter. Hitesh is a work experience boy in Mr Carlton-Hayes' bookshop.

Bernard Hopkins, who had an extended cameo in WMD, has a far more significant role in TPY. Mr Lucas, Pauline Mole's lover from Secret Diary, is a presence but does not appear as such. Mr Carlton-Hayes' partner Lesley finally makes an appearance (and turns out to be a bewigged man). Brett, the son of George Mole and Doreen 'Stick Insect' Slater (who dies in a motorcycle crash in the course of the book), who is now a millionaire hedge-fund manager, also has a more significant role.

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